Creating a small planet together
with our customers.
We don't have the power to save close to 8 billion people in the world today.
However, we believe that we can influence the customers
we are involved with to continue business relations
and get through tough times together.

We will continue to co-create profitable mechanisms for customers and expand the networking circle.
Continue to create a company
with unimaginable success within one year.
We will continue to raise the company's Intrinsic Value.
An Intrinsic Value is a Dynamic Value.

By continuing to set extraordinary goals for ourselves,
we will continue to create a company that continues to exceed even our own expectations.
Issuance of the desired visa (opportunity)
In 1940, Mrs Chiune Sugihara issued visas for life to the Jews.

Those who have finished their employment in Japan and did not pass the caregiver certification exam
are forced to return home.
Despite wanting to earn money and support their parents.....

To overseas employees who think this way,
we will issue the desired visa to become a member of the foreign residents.
We also provide maximum support such as arranging rooms, among others.
Heart Driven
Why work in that environment?
Are you excited to work in that environment?

We respect the will of the individual.
Our company acts as a mediator between you and companies that do not meet your wishes,
without “whatsoever” mediation of job change after the end of the refund policy.
In the truest sense, we develop services that balance businesses and overseas candidates.
Continue to raise the standard
We will continue to do high-level work for continuous market demand.
In addition, we will continue to raise the bar and provide our valued customers with exceptional service.
We will continue to maximize added value.
Corporate Info.
Corporate name
Date of establishment
Address in Japan

Address in Canada
Sales office in Japan
Representative name
Number of employees
Group Companies

:5,000,000 JPY
:September 1, 2021
:DF Building 6F, 2-2-8 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
 (2-minute walk from Aoyama 1-Chome Station)
:200 Consumers Rd #208, Toronto ON, M2J 4R4
:Fukui-shi , Fukui / Eniwa-shi , Hokkaido
:Wongi Park
:10 (including outsourcing)
:PT. E Tepian
 General Incorporated Association Recovery Wellness